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Make a Donation


Our museum has thrived over the years with thanks to our loyal and generous supporters.

We appreciate any donations that can be made by our guests, either in person or Online. If you are a UK Taxpayer, we also politely ask our donors agree to Gift-Aid any contributions, as this enables us to claim an extra 25% on any donations received.


Item Price Quantity
Donate £10 £10.00
Donate £2 £2.00
Donate £25 £25.00
Donate £5 £5.00
Donate £1 £1.00


Gift Aid Admissions - In purchasing an entry ticket as advertised above you are making a donation of at least 10% of your admission fee today to YOUR COMPANY (a registered society with charitable status. No 0000000). YOUR COMPANY is a wholly owned subsidiary of the COMPANY – (registered Charity No. 0000000).

This means the Trust gets an extra 25p for every £1 you spend at no extra cost to you

A few terms & conditions

  • By generously choosing to pay the higher price, your entire ticket price can be treated as a donation and YOUR COMPANY will be able to reclaim 25% from HM Revenue and Customs. You are confirming that you will pay sufficient UK income/capital gains tax to cover this and all other gift-aided donations made in this tax year.